Library Computer Usage

Desktop computers are available for public use and are equipped with a variety of software programs.

  • Microsoft Office 2016 productivity software
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel

The Internet is an international network of databases interlinking an enormous number of local networks operated by research centers, universities, non-profit and commercial organizations, individuals, and government agencies worldwide. There is no central control, management, or governance over the content. It provides a means of access to information far beyond the library's own collection.

Information on the Internet is not necessarily current, accurate, or complete. While much valuable information is available on the Internet, the Aubrey Area Library must balance the desire for free unrestricted access to varying information against the need to avoid material that may violate community standards, or be deemed harmful as defined by applicable state law and/or is obscene. For purposes of this policy, minors are defined to include all individuals under the age of 17 years.

A minor, a person under the age of 17, in order to have a library card in his/her own name, must be listed on the library card of a parent or guardian to use Library computers. The Aubrey Area Library considers appropriate use of computers and the Internet to be a parental responsibility and does not have varying levels of computer access. To assist parents and families, the Library will periodically offer classes covering topics such as safe navigating of the Internet, effective evaluation of information, and utilizing discretion on the information highway.