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The City of Aubrey is located in the northeast section of Denton County, in the Great State of Texas. Referred to as "Horse Country USA" the City of Aubrey has recently been impacted by urban growth, resulting in a population increase that comes from both new and future development within Aubrey's Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). In order to serve the Aubrey Area residents on a more personal basis, the Police Department has been increasing law enforcement staff to be proactive with safety, security, and crime prevention. While performing their essential patrol functions, officers are responsible for meeting as many residents as possible and serving as the community's personal contact with the Police Department.

  1. City of Aubrey
  2. Sandbrock (Subdivision)
  3. Silverado (Subdivision)
  4. Town of Providence Village
  5. Winn Ridge (Subdivision)
  6. Aspen Meadows (Subdivision)

Although the 76227 zip code is host to over 20,000 residing in its boundaries, the jurisdiction of the Aubrey Police Department begins with the City of Aubrey's over 3,500 residents. The City of Aubrey is where the department's police station is located and where the agency's administration reports for duty.

City of Aubrey Map